Nitrogen Starting Systems

IPU’s nitrogen starting systems provide powerful starting for large engines up to 320 litres. Our nitrogen systems utilise the standard Jetstream air starter to provide flexibility and capabilities not found with other starting technologies.



IPU can design a custom nitrogen starting system to suit your requirements.


nitrogen starting systems

To recharge simply replace the standard N2 cylinders.


Nitrogen is stored at pressures up to 350 bar. This pressure is reduced before entering the starter motor, supporting the long cranking cycle demanded by critical applications such as fire pumps.

IPU’s nitrogen starting systems are easy to deploy and maintain. They use retail gas cylinders resulting in a system that’s as compact as it is powerful. Once a starting cycle is complete the cylinders can easily be replaced by numerous suppliers.

Being an inert gas, nitrogen brings an added level of safety to starting in dangerous environments. It is the ideal solution for emergency back up to the primary starting system on applications such as fire pumps or generators in offshore and hazardous areas.

Additional Information

The nitrogen starting systems are delivered fully assembled and ready to use. All components are mounted onto a freestanding skid, typically comprising of:

- Nitrogen bottles (provided by the end user)
- 250 bar to 7 bar full flow pressure reduction valve
- High pressure filter
- Hoses with nitrogen cylinder adaptors to connect to each cylinder.
- Manifold block incorporating:
  - Pressure safety valve to protect the
low pressure items in case of reduction valve leakage or failure
High and low pressure gauges and stainless steel isolators
  - Isolation valves for each nitrogen cylinder
  - Low pressure switch and
stainless steel isolator (M20 conduit entry) set to 70 bar approximately

All items are mounted into a fully welded steel frame with two off lifting points. All fittings are stainless steel Swagelok twin ferrule type with stainless steel tubing. The paint finish is to standard offshore paint specification.

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