Offshore Custom Water Systems
Offshore Custom Water Systems

C’treat’s considerable experience in offshore desalination has been extended to include integrated water treatment and handling systems for offshore installations. C’treat has provided seawater and freshwa- ter filtration, pumping, and storage packages; ultraviolet and chlo- rine sterilization packages; and completely custom engineered water systems.


C’treat pumping stations and pressure sets, utilizing Goulds – ITT pumps, are built to stringent standards demanded by the offshore industry.


Requirementsforde-mineralizedwaterformanypurpos- es, including turbine washing, are met with C’treat de- mineralization systems, specifically designed for project requirements.


Potable water storage tanks, complete with level instrumentation, are provided on single-point lift frames for ease of handling and quick installation and commis- sioning.


C’treat can provide some or all of the above systems on one frame, fully assembled and tested. Experience with offshore specifications translates to efficiencies and value to the customer by integrating complete water systems to a single unit.


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