ITT Bornemann Pump
ITT Bornemann Pump

About Bornemann

Founded in 1853, German-based Bornemann has achieved

and secured a leading position worldwide with its nume-

rous ground-breaking pump developments over the

decades. Besides Food & Beverage, several industries are

served, i.e. chemical, petrochemical and marine as well as

oil & gas applications. Systematic research and develop-

ment are leading to innovative solutions for the future.



About ITT

ITT is a diversified leading manufacturer of highly en-

gineered critical components and customized technology

solutions for the energy, transportation and industri-

al markets. Building on its heritage of innovation, ITT

partners with its customers to deliver enduring solutions

to the key industries that underpin modern way of life.

Founded in 1920, ITT is headquartered in White Plains,

N.Y., with employees in more than 35 countries and sales


in a total of approximately 125 countries.

The Original

As the worldwide first Twin Screw Pump supplier, Bor-

nemann introduced in 2004 the hygienic SLH design of

Twin Screw Pumps to the Food & Pharma industries. The

design is based on the 150 year proven technology of

Bornemann Industrial Twin Screw Pumps, aligned with

the special hygienic requirements of Food-, Pharma-

and Chemical operations. Bornemann SLH pumps are

carrying certificates as per EHEDG, 3A Sanitary and other

standards since 2006.

Today, ITT Bornemann serves hygienic and sanitary

applications with five different pump series in modular

design, complete with mechanical, electrical and control

systems. 50 different pump hydraulics, 500 design op-

tions and more than 10.000 installed pumps worldwide

are the unmatched statement of Bornemann Hygienic


Twin Screw Pumps – The Original





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