J1939 Gauges

Enovation CAN J1939 PowerView Gauges

PowerView gauges give at-a-glance, analogue indication of ECU/CAN-based engine data. Connection is simple, with a complete harness system for 4-wire data and power, either by direct connection to the CAN J1939 network, or through RS485 connection to the Enovation PowerView displays.

The Enovation PowerView gauges boast easy-to-read analogue indications of critical vehicle and equipment parameters.

The LED backlight brightness is adjustable by network command or potentiometer control. To fit with a control panel, PowerView gauges are available in a range of silver or black bezel, with domed or flat lenses in standard 2 1/16 (nch (52mm) or 3 3/8 inch (86mm) diameter cutout sizes.

All PowerView gauges feature IP68 front-face sealing as standard. Premium PVCAN and PVA gauges extend IP68 protection to the back face, connectors and wire harness system, enabling use in exposed locations.

For more information : https://www.ipu.co.uk/products/enovation-can-j1939-powerview-gauges/

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