Input/Output Modules


Enovation J1939 input/output modules allow total integration of sensors, switches, actuators and loads into J1939 CANbus and PowerView® display systems. They can also ease transition between old ‘mechanical’ engine sensors, instruments, controls and the latest CAN-based systems.

Applications include:

Adding sensors and I/O to CAN/J1939 ECUs, engines and systems

Allowing existing, non-ECU ‘mechanical’ engines and sensors to work with the latest CAN-          compatible displays, instruments and controls

Allowing the latest ECU-based CAN/J1939 engines to work with existing, older or more basic/lower-cost controls        and instruments

Designing common, flexible instrument and control systems that work with both non-ECU ‘mechanical’ and ECU/CAN ‘electronic’ engines

Solid-state, reliable, CAN-controlled Power Distribution for vehicles and machines, offering flexible, configurable r      eplacements for electro-mechanical relays and fuses, plus reductions in wiring, labour and fault-finding.

Input and Output modules include:

IX3212 -Input/output and power distribution module for CAN J1939 systems.

XM500 – Configurable I/O module for J1939 / CAN systems.

CANdrive™ – Drives standard electric gauges and indicates faults, based on CAN SAE J1939 engine data.

MeCAN™ – Mechanical engine sender/pickup to SAE J1939 converter module.

FuelCAN™ – Converts resistive fuel sender signals to SAE J1939 data.

SenderCAN® – Input / ouput (I/O) module for CANbus SAE J1939 engine systems.