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PPS Brings New Life to Hydro Dam


in june 2020


 Sirikit Hydro Dam is one of the many Hydro Dams built under Rama IX, the Hydro Dam supplies 500 MW of electricity to the community and around the area. This Hydro Dam was completed in 1972 and has been providing power to Thailand's communities ever since. Due to the location of the generator which is within the dam building, cooling of the generator is required from EGAT is in compliance with Marine Standards and water cooled with external water from the water source.


PPS was called out to replace the 30 years old gen set a bring new life to the plant. The old gen set was required to be removed, while still having the availibility of stan by power in case the main power grid had any problems. The gen set controlled the main water gate for the dam in case anything happed in a emergency. While removing the old gen and installed the gen set is engines of scania brand controller by nogva and alternater brand stemford ,PPS provided a 375 kVA 300 kW Generatorset on stand by and tested for function.